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South Maui Coastline

Explore the dramatic coastline of South Maui where lava provides a rugged landscape in beautiful remote areas. As an added bonus, these areas are often where we see dolphins and turtles the most.

Makena Landing (Turtle Town)

Named for its high populations of turtles, these local residents have become a welcomed treat. Here the turtles feed on the algae growing on the rocks. Divers also frequent here due to the 5 Caves. The waters are clear and are often protected from the wind, making this a great snorkel spot.


Pu‘u Ola‘I

A cinder cone off of the South Coast of Maui formed out of red lava rock. The mooring site is about 30 to 40 feet deep and is a great spot to explore the unique sea life that inhabits this area. There are a lot of Hawaiian green sea turtles here, along with eels, manta rays, and a variety of fish. This is an exceptional spot to try SNUBA. These lava rocks and tide pools were ancient Hawaiian fishing grounds. Rich in culture, there are even remnants of old Hawaiian temples (hei’au) and other structures here.

La Perouse

La Perouse (named after the French Explorer) is a protected area that is not easily accessible by land. Its rough lava terrain makes for difficult access and fewer people. The reefs are in pristine condition. Formed from the last eruptions of lava flow this rugged coastline view is rather dramatic. Marine species that frequent this area include: Green sea turtles and spotted eagle rays. The Maui Magic regularly sees Spinner dolphins in this area and the fish aren’t shy here either. You can also see schools of Trigger Fish, Yellow Tangs, Damsel Fish and more. Due to wind conditions, we do not get to this spot as often as the others but it is a treat when reachable.


Turtle Arches

Found along the southern coast, near White Rock beach in Wailea, this location gets its name for the amazing coral formations shaped like arches formed long ago by volcanic eruptions. This is one of our frequent snorkel spots. We visit this location to see Hawaiian green sea turtles, beautiful coral, and heaps of fish who call this area home.

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