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Whale Watch and Snorkeling Tour

Snorkel & Whale Watching Combo

(Annually December – March)

From December through March, you can join us on our daily tours Snorkeling and Whale Watching. Experience the Humpback Whales in their natural habitat during their annual migration to Maui’s coastal waters as they come here to calve, mate, and rear their young. There are literally hundreds of these humpback whales within this concentrated area. See them up close for yourself.

Over the years, we have had some amazing experiences and encounters of these beautiful creatures while on our tours. View the whales in action in all their graceful aerobatics, breaches, tail slaps, spy hopping, and more!

Learn more about Whales

Plenty to do without getting wet!

For those who don’t wish to get into the water, there’s still plenty to do on board the Maui Magic. Relax out on the deck and let our informative and helpful crew guide you on all the surroundings. You can eat and drink at your own leisure and enjoy the beautiful scenery above the water that Maui’s coastline offers.

Learn About Maui’s Marine Life

Our crew on the Maui Magic is very informative when it comes to the marine life on Maui. Our staff will keep you engaged, while having fun and educating you on these protected creatures. Hear interesting facts and view behaviors of these gentle giants in the wild. If the opportunity presents, they will even lower a hydro-phone (a large microphone) into the water, so you can listen to the underwater songs of the Humpback whales LIVE onboard the vessel.

While you snorkel or SNUBA, you can even hear whales emitting high-frequency clicks and whistles under water. Humpback whale songs can be heard for miles under water and last for over a half hour. With the large pods of whales concentrated in the Maui waters, it is an unforgettable sound to the ears.

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